Getting-Ready Rooms


Crown Point

Fully equipped with built-in audio and visual components, this room is great if you plan on gaving several guests with you in attendance the morning of your big day. Crown Point has the space and potential to match the aesthetic of your themed getting-ready room. Additional draping or partitions can be brought into this space to ensure the bride and her party have full privacy.


Delta Ridge

Take your wedding suite to the next level in this spectacular space located on the second floor of The Centre. Built-in audio and visual components plus a wet bar are made to impress your friends and family alike. Additional privacy partitions can be brought into any of our spaces, and we will work with your party to match the partition to the style of your themed room.


Stephen Fishwick's Fine Art Gallery

Stephen Fishwick's Fine Art Gallery is a great space to accommodate the groom and his groomsmen for all of their getting-ready needs. Stephen's breathtaking artwork on all four walls gives off a very casual and relaxed ambiance sure to minimize any pre-wedding jitters. This room also includes a built-in TV that can add the perfect amount of entertainment while getting ready.


The Wedding Centre

Every bride and bridal party needs a beautiful and comfortable space to get ready in. The Wedding Centre is easily transformed into a fully accommodating bridal suite providing privacy, leisure space, and convenient access to your ceremony/reception spaces. The Wedding Centre also includes a built-in TV to make your preparation extra fun and completely stress-free!